Revamp your space with our stylish kitchen sink packs

With the ability to create the ultimate vision, United Stone’s high-quality stainless steel kitchen sinks are Melbourne’s crowd-favourite for a stylish design. Equipped with large bowl capacities and deep-machine polishing, each of our options give you the chance to opt for a higher-end touch without the price tag.


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Peace of mind from renowned brands

Our range has been curated from the highly respectable label, Abey, delivering peace of mind to all of our clients who are looking for a long-lasting result. Pioneers of signature double kitchen sinks and other variations, Abey’s selection is a nod to functional, affordable and timeless designs – all adhering to top-tier manufacturing standards. Because of this name in quality, we attribute our range of undermount kitchen sinks across Melbourne to this iconic brand, providing exceptional work across the board.

World-class installation services

When you choose our sink pack, we’ll double it with our top-notch installation services – no matter where you are in Melbourne. All mixers and tapware are included with your pack, so you can enjoy an end-to-end solution, with zero fuss or hassle.

Ready to get started? We’re here and ready to help you upgrade your space with our collection. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote or to discuss your brief in more details. Alternatively, browse our range to see the styles and designs we’ve got on offer.

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