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If you are in need of a new kitchen but don’t have the time or money for a complete renovation, then take a look at United Stone Melbourne‘s kitchen benchtop refacing. Benchtop resurfacing is one of the easiest and most economical ways to give that dull kitchen a bright new spark. Forget about resurfacing your old countertop with the same fragile laminate and consider upgrading to durable, scratch resistant 12mm stone benchtops.

Our resurfacing services ensure your benchtop remains in top condition

Kitchens take a constant and heavy beating. Everyday chopping, spills, vibrations and changing temperatures will contribute to the wear and tear of your kitchen benchtop. Laminate benchtops are particularly prone to these abuses and over the years will begin to blister, scratch and mark from hot pots and pans, joins will eventually become visible and become prone to water penetration leading to further problems and unrepairable chips and scratches may have occurred. Rather than replacing your entire countertop set up, United Stone Melbourne offers the most efficient, affordable and simple renovation process with a 12mm stone benchtop overlay.


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Our benchtop resurfacing process

With United Stone Melbourne the stone benchtop renovation process is made easy. Compared to the usual 6 – 8 week completion time, and multiple tradespersons, we can complete the benchtop overlay process in a single day with no mess and no fuss. Here’s how:

  • All existing splashbacks can remain in place.
  • The sink and cooktop can remain in place.
  • The existing laminate benchtop is used as substrates – 12mm stone can be simply laid on top of the existing benchtop, the edges are trimmed to provide a perfect square finish.
  • All stone is pre-cut from the measurements collected weeks ago along with your fixed price quote.
  • We’ll organise all plumbers/electricians to come in the morning of the installation and return in the evening for re-installation.

Book our benchtop resurfacing services in Melbourne today

To organise a measure and quote or for more information on our engineered stone surfaces, countertop refinishing, Caesar marble benchtopskitchen renovations or any of our other services, please phone: (03) 9791 3720. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Benchtop Resurfacing

Kitchen benchtop resurfacing is perfect for homeowners who want to reinvigorate their benchtops without building a whole new bench. Kitchen benchtops incur a lot of damage over the years, and the wear and tear can make the whole kitchen look subpar. If your benchtop has taken a heavy beating over the years and is starting to look worn out – it is probably time to consider a benchtop resurfacing.

What material is the resurface of kitchen benchtop made from?

Benchtop resurfacing consists of 12mm stone benchtop overlay. This material is highly scratch resistant and far more durable than other, cheaper materials. United Stone Melbourne takes the quality of our product very seriously, and can assure you of its durability and strength. The purpose of a new stone overlay is to reinvigorate the benchtop and go over the old wear, so naturally you want it to be of the highest quality and durability. Such is the case with United Stone Melbourne’s resurfacing stone.

Is a stone benchtop resurface a better option than laminate?

Laminate is a poor quality material, and is subject to incurring all kinds of damage much faster than higher quality options. Laminate is highly susceptible to expansion, weather, chemicals, spills, scratches and heat. We have all seen laminate benchtops complete with those ugly blistering bubbles – this is a direct result of the laminate taking a hot spill or pan to its surface. Furthermore, laminate provides a kitchen with a cheap, tacky aesthetic, something that should be avoided when wanting to add to the value of your home. 

There is no point buying a cheaper product if it doesn’t complete the job it is there for, and with this notion in mind United Stone Melbourne’s 12mm stone is the perfect option. Our stone is highly resistant to the above-listed problems, and will last you years of cooking as well as add to the home’s resale value.