More and more these days, modern kitchens are trending towards minimalism; discrete appliances, restricted colour palettes, concealed power outlets and recessed lighting. In a pared-back kitchen, where every change is noticeable, something as simple as upgrading your kitchen benchtops can have a massive impact on the overall aesthetic of the space without the need for a major kitchen renovation.

Giving your kitchen a style boost without huge costs and weeks of inconvenience

Most homeowners say the room they would most love to do-over is their kitchen but they are put off by the price of renovating plus the (considerable) inconvenience. Installing new cabinetry and flooring or redesigning the layout of your kitchen can cost you big dollars and time, not to mention the hassle (takeaways for a month anyone?) Few of us have the fortitude to face the prospect of new plumbing and electricity installation to accommodate a new kitchen design. However if you employ a contractor using the stone overlay technique your benchtops can literally be upgraded in a day. Because the process is so quick, and labour is limited, the price is affordable and you get your kitchen back in time for tea. Maximum bang for minimal inconvenience!

Go from damaged benchtops to luxurious sleek perfection

If you’ve got timber benchtops that are water stained, scratched or chipped you won’t know your kitchen with sleek new surfaces. Similarly if your benchtops have a laminated hangover from decades past, (complete with requisite burn marks) we know you’ll be floored by the difference new benchtops will make. We’re not biased, but we reckon nothing beats beautiful stone for benchtops. The sleek flawless surfaces equal sophistication and elegance. We can’t guarantee they’ll turn you into a gourmet chef but you’ll certainly feel like one! Updating your benchtops can really help bring your kitchen into the modern era – nothing says 1960s like lime green laminate benchtops!



Yes, it looks great but there is still more to it!

New benchtops certainly can revamp a tired or outdated kitchen but they can also have positive practical implications which, over time, can make a massive difference to you! We’re talking maintenance. Some benchtop materials require more maintenance than others. While timber and laminate benchtops are less expensive options they are also more prone to wear and tear. Stone benchtops in contrast, while they’ll set you back more initially, are incredibly durable; resisting scratch marks, indentations, chipping and swelling. They’ll last a lifetime with almost no maintenance. They also won’t mildew or mould meaning you don’t need to worry about health risks. These practical considerations might not be at the top of your mind when you’re caught up in choosing your benchtop material but they can make a big difference over time. If you’ve got tenants in your property, it’s certainly something you want to think about. Not to suggest all tenants are property-destroying slobs, but tenants may not be as vigilant as you at cleaning up spilled water around the sink, using chopping boards when they cut up vegetables or removing stains quickly.

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, if you like your meals home-cooked; chances are you spend a fair bit of time there every day and it makes sense to ensure your kitchen reflects your sense of style. While renovations can be expensive and time consuming, upgrading your benchtops will invigorate your kitchen in a way that’s affordable and convenient. We can guarantee you’ll be stunned by what a difference new benchtop surfacing overlay can make.

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