Reconstituted Stone Benchtops Melbourne

Stone benchtops can make a great statement piece to any room. Whether it’s your dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom or for commercial purposes, stone countertops are glamorous and easy to look after, offering a lifetime of use making it both an accessory and an essential. However, there are a few different stones to choose from and what you decide on depends on the room’s colour scheme, your preference and, perhaps most importantly, your budget. With some stone benchtops vastly cheaper than others, finding the material in your budget is crucial. Fortunately, United Stone Melbourne makes it easy.

Reliable countertops for every kitchen

While Caesarstone and similar materials are stain, scratch and heat resistant, they usually cannot be used with existing kitchens as stone splashbacks, Additionally, many of these brands do not provide any form of warranty cover for cracks. When 20mm slabs – the most common width of slab – are placed on existing kitchen carcasses (with or without substrates or support), problems often emerge. This is because the weight off the stone is far too heavy for the existing kitchen carcass, which has not been carrying one-tenth of the weight of the slab previously. Installing a 20mm slab over an existing carcass is more often than not a perfect formula for cracking to occur within as little as 12 months, leaving you with a ruined countertop that isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. QuartzStone12’s weight has been carefully engineered to guard against cracking. Manufactured to be as little as 40 percent of the weight of a standard Caesarstone benchtop, it’s the perfect fit for every kitchen. Your existing carcasses will be more than sufficient to hold up the weight variation, guaranteed. For kitchens, splashbacks, bathrooms and more, QuartzStone12 considered a more modern alternative to marble and granite. A versatile material, it can be installed in almost any interior space as well as outdoors and in business establishments.

Make the smarter choice. If you are renovating your kitchen and are offered any other brand made with a thicker stone, say no. This can be a nightmare and can blow the budget as you need to deal with cabinet makers to make up templates and substrates, wasting your time and money. Read the warranty terms carefully before you purchase as most do not even provide cover for damage caused by natural sunlight which enters through your kitchen window, and – most importantly – do not cover any form of cracking that occurs after the installation. At United, we take care of the entire process of installing your Caesarstone quartz benchtops. Sit back and enjoy the transformation.

Marble Benchtops

Perhaps one of the most common countertop materials, marble, is a natural rock composed of minerals like calcite and dolomite. It is most commonly used in the kitchen for countertops and isn’t recommended for walls, floors, a table or outdoors. Marble comes in a variety of colours but does cost more than other alternatives. However, it is extremely porous and can have a more ongoing cost in maintenance. This is not recommended in newer homes or homes renovating their kitchen

What is QuartzStone12?

(QuartzStone12) 12MM Thick

These reconstituted stone benchtops are made from 93.5% – 95% Quartz Stone mixed together with a Special formula which can withstand UV and other chemicals and resistance compared to other manufacturers. It is man-made and often cheaper than natural stone. Reconstituted QuartzStone12 stone is more resistant to damage than any other material in the market and is recommended for all applications including wall cladding and stone splashbacks.

Simply renovate your kitchen benchtop with QuartzStone12 and have it completed the same day Guarantee with a 15-year Guarantee.

Whether you’re after marble, Caesarstone or a reconstituted QuartzStone 12 stone countertop, our team can help you. We have expert stone masons who have helped thousands of clients purchase and install a beautiful reconstituted granite or stone benchtop into their Melbourne home or business. Contact us now on (03) 9791 3720 for a quote.

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