United Stone Melbourne™ is a family owned and operated business servicing Victoria since 2009

We have completed tens and thousands of kitchen renovations in Melbourne using our quality engineered Stone Benchtops, Stone Splashbacks, Porcelain Benchtops & Porcelain Splashbacks and more. As Melbourne’s leading provider of stone kitchen benchtops, we have earnt a reputation for always getting the job done efficiently and accurately. Based in Dandenong, we can provide stone benchtops throughout Melbourne and beyond using the latest Quantum Waterjet cutting technology & 3D Laser Templating process to perfect it, every time.

Stone Benchtops

Stone Benchtop Overlays are completed in just one day.

Your benchtops will be transformed no matter what the surface or shape. We also specialise in and have engineered the process of granite overlays that will add a touch of style and elegance to your kitchen. We also provide our clients with Caesar stone, Marble, Engineered & Porcelain benchtops


Upgrading your Splashbacks together with your Benchtops.

Your Splashbacks will be measured at the same time as your Benchtops and installed the same day as your benchtops too. We really simplify the entire process in upgrading all elements of your kitchen.

Due to their resistance to heat and stains, they are a strong and appealing candidate for a Kitchen Splashback.


When people think kitchen renovations, they think thousands of dollars being spent over long periods of time. Not with United Stone Melbourne™ – we provide kitchen renovations and facelifts that are cheaper than a renovation and done in a day! We complete your entire renovation with our own crew, Porcelain Benchtops, Bookmatched Porcelain Splashbacks, Appliances, Door and Panel Changeovers, Kitchen modifications, Full Kitchen Renovations and all of the trades to go with it. All done inhouse.


QuartzStone12 is resistant to heat, scratches, stains and UV light.

Produced from 95% Quartz and engineered with the highest standards, it comes backed with a 15-year Guarantee*

Our Supernatural Porcelain range has a LIFETIME Guarantee and is Heat Proof, Stain Proof, Scratch Proof, UV proof, Acid Proof, Thermal Shock Proof and much more.

Browse our stylish range and envisage all the possibilities.

Why United Stone Melbourne™?

Have you been dreading all the hassles, delays and additional costs involved with organising different trades to get your kitchen renovated or Stone Benchtops installed?

We’ll take care of the entire process.


If you would like to arrange a service from our professional team of benchtop experts, feel free to get in contact with us by calling 03 9791 3720 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page. We will get back to you with all the information you require.

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What is a Stone (or Stone Benchtop) Overlay?

A Stone or Stone Benchtop Overlay is a cost effective method for installing new Stone Benchtops over existing benches such as Laminate, Granite, Marble and Stone. In most cases the existing benches are more than suitable as a substrate for the overlay method and can drastically reduce the amount of time and money spent on removing your old benches.

The USM team has the skills, experience and handiwork to ensure your stunning stone overlay can be installed on the same day. We utilise state of the art materials and the finest craftship to ensure that you don’t have to wait long to have a beautiful new bench aesthetic.

We have provided thousands of homes with this beautiful overlay and believe that it is the best option for providing the kitchen bench with an aesthetically-appealing, highly functional new bench.

Can I Overlay a Laminate Benchtop with Stone?

Laminate benches are a perfect candidate for the stone overlay process. In most cases the existing laminate bench is more than suitable as a substrate and there’s no need to demolish your Kitchen and Splashbacks. Traditionally stone benches would’ve needed the old benches removed and new substrates made up to support the stone, however with the overlay process this is no longer required.

Therefore, you can most certainly install stone overlay atop a laminate bench. This, in fact, is one of the easiest ways in which our experienced professionals can install our stunning bench overlays, as it provides a smooth, functional surface for our experts to lay the new material.

So, if you were worried that you couldn’t install a stone overlay atop a pre-existing laminate bench, think again – we can do it with ease and on the same day we commence work!

Do I need a plumber or additional tradespeople for a stone overlay?

Installing a new stone overlay – despite only taking the day to complete – can involve a bit of work. Therefore, it may be necessary for our tradespeople to organise professionals that can disconnect particular appliances so we can safely apply our trade and install the benchtop without any hassles! This is all part of our dedication to ensuring that the job gets done properly and without any worries regarding your home appliances.

If you have any Gas, Water or Electricial appliances such as a Cooktop or Sink, a Plumber and/or Electrician will be required to disconnect and reconnect your appliances before and after the Stone (or Stone Benchtop) Overlay. We can organise tradespeople for you on the same day.

How much does an overlay cost?

Stone benchtop overlay prices depend on the size of the bench you would like the overlay installed on. This being said, a stone bench overlay is one of the most cost-efficient options for renovating your kitchen bench, ensuring you have a stunning new kitchen bench overlay without the exorbitant price tag.

We want you to have the very best, stunningly brand new kitchen benchtop overlays without the hefty price, and so we are dedicated to keeping our prices low whilst keeping the quality of our product extremely high.

The Stone Benchtop Overlay™ process saves you on the additional time, costs and risks involved with the removal of your existing benches. By overlaying your old benches there’s no risk of damaging your existing splashbacks and joinery and the install is completed in just one day!

What's the difference between Stone Overlay and a whole new Stone Benchtop?

When overlaying a benchtop, weather its a laminate, caesarstone or granite benchtop, we use the latest 3D laser measuring systems and scan the existing benchtop and walls/tiles and or glass splashbacks. We create perfectly scribed to wall benchtops digitally and simply size them to be 15mm longer to the edge and 15mm higher for the strip to cover the existing benchtop edge. We then transfer the DXF file to our Quantum Water Jet CNC machine for manufacturing creating perfect benchtops every time. Templating only takes 30 – 45 minutes and installation time is on average 1 – 3 hours.

A whole new traditional stone benchtop is where the laminate is removed, MDF substrates are placed over the cabinets, MDF templates are made and taken back for manufacturing. This process can cause damage to your cabinets, splashbacks and error rate is very high due to the MDF templates swelling over the days in a stone manufacturing plant due to the nature of the water cutting and moisture levels in the factory resulting in mass cutting to fit onsite.

Finally, when installing a stone kitchen bench overlay, you can trust that you are enlisting a dedicated team of experts who have your kitchen and your home’s stylish aesthetic close at mind.

We understand that the kitchen bench is one of the most utilised home fittings, and it should therefore perfectly harmonise style and function. With this in mind, USM’s stone overlays are ideal for doing just that – ensuring your kitchen bench looks amazing whilst providing  optimised functionality.

Can i add Waterfall Panel or upgrade my sink to an Undermount Sink when doing a Stone Benchtop Overlay?

Absolutely, we recommend you add a Waterfall Panel where you can and highly recommend selecting from one of our Abey Undermount Sink Packs on our Sink Packs page.

Our sink packs are the epitome of contemporary luxury and elegance. Perfecting the harmony between form and function, our Abey undermount sink packs fit perfectly into our stone benchtop underlays. What’s more, they provide an optimised washing functionality without taking up too much space, ensuring a sleek and stylish aesthetic that is perfect for contemporary homes.

So, in short, yes: we totally recommend installing a waterfall panel or upgrading to an undermount sink when doing a benchtop overlay.

What is Waterjet Cutting?

Quantum Technology CNC Waterjet Cutting is using a Quantum Servo pump which only uses 1amp to maintain a cutting PSI of 55,000-100,000 and uses Water & Garnet (like sand) through a .5MM nozzle to slice though any type of surface. TheCNC component of the machine uses DXF (3D laser file) to cut to the shape and scribed walls of your upcoming benchtop. Our Waterjet is a TECHNI (Australian Made) and the operating software is GMM (worlds best). So there is NO blades, NO grinding, NO MDF templates, NO mistakes, NO dust. All waste is captured and is wasted in accordance to regulation and does not run into any stormwater.

Our dedication to this incredible, cutting-edge cutting technique shows our level of commitment to ensuring Melbourne homes are equipped with the most stunning finishes possible.

You will never see as incredible a finish on a benchtop as what you receive from waterjet cutting – the accuracy and sharpness of the finish is simply unparalleled. Our highly skilled and trained professionals have immeasurable experience in producing amazing results utilising this state of the art production technique.