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Stone Splashbacks

United Stone sells:

  • kitchen splashbacks
  • laundry splashbacks
  • bathroom splashbacks

Stone splashbacks are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. They offer many advantages over tile splashbacks and glass splashbacks.  We also match new stone splashbacks to existing benchtops and counters. Finally with a stone splashback there is no need for cleaning of grout and mould.

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Our Warranty

All United Stone products are covered with a 10 year warranty. This gives you a decade guaranteeing that there will be no problems with your new splashbacks, and covers chips, cracks, and stains.

Not just for the kitchen

Did you know that Kitchen splashbacks aren't the only type of splashbacks available? You can get a stone Bathroom Splashback and Laundry Splashback as well to make it easy to clean and keep clear of mould and other grime from your shower, bath, washing machine, laundry and bathroom sinks.

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5 reasons why you need a stone splashback

  1. Worried about mould? United Stone splashbacks are mould free and ensure a healthy, clean environment for your home.
  2. Tired of the finicky task of cleaning joints in tile splashbacks? United Stone splashbacks are a single piece of stone, giving you a solid flat surface rather than dozens of tiles separated by joints and gaps filled with grout.
  3. Need power or phone connections going through your splashback?  United Stone splashbacks can be modified to fit connections for appliances with ease and in your own home.  This can be done weeks, months or even years after being fitted. Unlike glass splashbacks, such cut outs do not place the splashback at risk of chipping.
  4. Chipping is dangerous to you, your family and your splashback. Unlike glass splashbacks, stone splashbacks are highly resistant to chipping, making your home safer.
  5. Worried about price? Guaranteed to be cheaper then Glass Splashbacks & all completed the same day as your benchtop installation. So you don't need to wait another 2 weeks to finish with your kitchen renovation. For quote please call 03 9791 3720 or email