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HMR Light Weight Plywood

Light Weight Plywood HMR

HMR Light Weight Plywood is a manufactured board that is made up of an odd number of thin sheets of wood – called plies or veneers – that are glued together under heat and pressure with High Moisture Resistant Glue. The odd number is so that the top and bottom sheet have the grain facing the same way.  Each sheet of wood has the grain going lengthways on one layer and crossways on the next and so on.  This is what gives plywood its strength. Plywood is strong in all directions where standard wood is only strong across the grain.  Plywood can be used for many things including flooring, wall panels, bracing, furniture, cabinetry, formwork, and so forth.

Advantages of HMR Light Weight Plywood

There are several advantages to using Light Weight Plywood in your building project. These include:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Lightness
  • Rigidity
  • Resistance to splitting and warping
  • Its ability to be shaped into different forms
  • Comes in 25MM
  •  Is very cost efficient

 Is HMR Light Weight Plywood Environmentally Friendly?

The wood that is used to make plywood comes from sustainable forests. In addition, many manufacturers replant more trees than they actually use in the manufacture of the plywood.  One concern with plywood has been the glues that are traditionally used – such as synthetic resins and formaldehyde based glues that can cause off gassing.  We are a green focused company selecting only suppliers with green certifications.

United Stone Melbourne & QuartzStone12 now offers 25MM HMR Leight Weight Substrate at extremely competitive prices.

For Consumers: Have Plywood as a Substrate that is Moisture Resistant and real Solid Timber that will last a life time rather then the alternative MDF that is NON Moisture Resistant that will expand and crack your stone.

For Fabricators: Easy to handle, Cut & Install. We can supply HMR Leight Weight Plywood with the purchase of your 12MM Stone Slabs. This will save you Time & Money. Also offering a much better product to the customer.