Premium Kitchen Renovations, Resurfacing and Facelifts in Melbourne

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost thousands or take weeks and weeks – with United Stone you can give your kitchen a facelift for cheaper in less than a week! The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place that everyone frequents daily, a room that is often taken for granted. If your benchtops are looking tired and forgotten but you don’t want to spend too much money changing the whole room, consider a granite overlay.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, including Dandenong and beyond

United Stone are specialists in granite countertops, overlays and all kitchen makeovers and our tradesmen are qualified stonemasons. We strive to make life easy for you – which means giving your kitchen top a facelift or complete makeover in less time and at the right price. We create custom made solutions that take days, not weeks and cost a lot less than an entire kitchen renovation and resurfacing package. With a combined experience of over 50 years, you know you are getting the best with United Stone.

Granite overlays are stone bench tops that fit over the top of an existing bench. It can give your kitchen a facelift by overlaying stone on the countertop and splashback surface, with no need to remove existing laminate, glass or stone. United Stone offer a number of different colours and styles, from black and grey to cream and caramel colours as well as a choice between flecked stone and plain granite.

Offering kitchen resurfacing and so much more throughout Melbourne

So, choose us to give your bathroom and kitchen tops a facelift or complete renovation whether you’re in Dandenong, or elsewhere in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Stop taking it for granted! Don’t let a boring, stained bench top ruin your day. Choose granite and get something that is easy to clean and resistant to damage. Transform your space into a wonderland where you can host parties one day and eat breakfast in the next. Transform it with the help of our highly trained professionals. For more information, visit the Contact Us page or call direct on (03) 9791 3720.