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Melbourne’s Leading Benchtop Overlay Process Comparison

The other way to renovate your kitchen is with the; United Stone Melbourne benchtop overlay process. The most efficient, affordable and simple way.

Our process does not involve having to remove tiles, laminate kitchen benchtops, having to deal with many different tradespeople or having to lift a finger, instead

The OLD way to Renovate your Benchtop

Our Stone Benchtop Renovation

Stone: 20mm thick

Stone: 12mm thick

Expected Duration: 6-8 Weeks

Expected Duration: 1 Day

Before you begin you will need:

  • Handyman/Tiler
  • Plumber/Electrician
  • Cabinet Maker
  • Stone Mason

Before you begin you will need:

  • United Stone Melbourne

Removing tiles from your kitchen splashbacks requires the hiring of a handyman.

Tiles sit on your laminate benchtops, 20MM stone can not be overlid & this is why they tiles MUST be removed by a handyman, otherwise you are likely to have broken tiles all along the bottom of the splashback, which can’t be covered.

Existing tile or glass splashbacks can remain in-place

You will need to organise a plumber and electrician to remove your sink and cook top.

Having your sink and cooktops completely removed, makes for an unpleasant cooking and cleaning experience in the kitchen because you are left without an operating sink or cooktop with the period of time which could take weeks! Through the traditional way of installing a Stone Benchtop, the removal of your laminate kitchen benchtops and the inconvenience is a necessity.

Sink & Cook-top can remain in-place.

We organise a plumber to come in the morning of your stone installation and return the same evening to re install sink and cooktop.

Arrange for a cabinet maker to remove your laminate benchtops, and then custom make substrates. Substrates support stone benchtops, and are a vital part of the stone benchtop design.

Using existing cabinets can cause major damage to your kitchen. When the laminate is removed, and replaced with 20MM thick stone benchtops, the weight variation is huge and it can shock the cabinets, causing them to crack and stress from the excessive weight, along with damaging the cabinets whilst removing the laminate. This is classified as a demolition process and there are no guarantees.

We use your existing laminate benchtop as substrates.

There is no need to remove these due to the stone being 12MM thick it can go over your existing laminate benchtop. We simply trim the edge of your laminate to give it a nice square finish.

Have your cabinet maker custom make templates for the stonemasons in Melbourne.

Traditional Stonemasons in Melbourne will not work or operate without Templates or Substrates

If your templates are wrongly cut for the sink or cooktop, stonemasons in Melbourne will not take responsibility for this. Often mistakes are made and customers are left with a bigger cut than there sink specifications.

We measure your current laminate kitchen benchtops.

We take responsibility for getting the measurements right. This allowes for us to pre cut all your stone in our facilitiy allowing for a smooth installation process.

Call stonemasons in Melbourne for a quote & wait for the templates to be picked up by your stonemasons

(This could take weeks)

You had our quote weeks ago!

It can often take 2 - 4 weeks alone for your stone benchtops or stone splashbacks to be made & installed.

We overlay your existing benchtops the same day with 12MM stone benchtops.

Organise a plumber and electrician to reconnect your sink and cook top.

A Plumber/Electrician is organised by our team, and will come in the morning of your stone benchtops installation, and will return in the afternoon to reconnect everything.

This option generally leaves clients stressed, and without a functioning kitchen for a long period of time and a blown budget.

We do all the work & our Fixed Price quotes ensure your get what you asked for.

Benchtop Installation Process Summary

We take the stress out of your stone benchtop overlay or stone splashbacks installation process in Melbourne and surrounds.

It is more cost effective and will last you a lifetime. All of Europe uses 12 MM stone kitchen benchtop overlays to ensure your kitchen lasts longer with less weight on its shoulders. The quality of quartz is also more durable in a 12MM product compared to 20MM as our 12MM Stone12 has the same amount of quartz as 20MM stone products ensuring it is more durable, scratch resistant and many more added benefits.

All our edges are Mitred.

Our primary aim is to simplify your renovation process.